De Nieuwe Smid
Ploeghoeveweg 4b
2500 Lier

T: 015 64 84 85

About us


In 2004, Dries Heijlen founded De Nieuwe Smid in a smithy in Berlaar, rural Belgium, that dated from 1930. The projects, however, became increasingly larger and after a few years the smithy had to make room for our current studio in Lier.

In the meantime, we have been active for 15 years and work with about 12 colleagues day after day on the most beautiful projects. After all these years we changed the name to Dries Heijlen: founder and true brain behind all realizations.

Our method

All of our work is custom built to fit your needs. We don't deliver any off the shelf solutions. Thanks to our digital measurement, our constructions fit seamlessly with your building.

Since 2016, we have our own paint workshop, which enables us to control the painting process ourselves and to deliver a sustainable quality. Thanks to a close cooperation with PPG (paint supplier) and Soudal (supplier of silicones) we have unique color mixtures for our paints and silicones that we apply on our constructions every day.

Dries Heijlen is in control of your project from start to finish

  • First design
  • Digital measurement with measuring device
  • Technical drawing with 3D drawing package
  • Construction works in atelier
  • Blasting cabin
  • Corrosion treatment
  • Spray booth
  • Placement of the construction on the construction site
  • Placement of the glass on the construction site

Our philosophy

Dries Heijlen creates designs that are timeless as well as classic and modern. Our creations fit in seamlessly with the building, the surroundings and the garden, thus offer an architectural added value.

Our approach is very personal. In the preliminary meeting, the customer's motives and or lifestyle are tested. This results in a first design. For instance, a classic porch will not give you that outside feeling you experience with a patio roof. A terrace covering lets you live with the seasons and enjoy your garden and its surroundings in any type of weather. Don't let rain make an abrupt halt to your dinner party during summer and fight off the winter cold with a patio heater.

'Light comes from above', that is one of our rules of thumb. Natural light offers both physical and mental health benefits. With a terrace roof or orangery you will bathe in the light instead of under a dark and gloomy oak outbuilding.

Fancy some stargazing? Do you prefer low-maintenance glassware? Or do you want more privacy? We'll make it happen!

Our work has been awarded the Handmade in Belgium label, awarded by Unizo, the Belgian Union of Self-Employed Entrepreneurs. The Federal Public Service for Economy has also officially recognized us as Craftsman.