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Iron Greenhouse

Authentic steel greenhouses, handmade by Dries Heijlen: the ultimate outdoor feeling. 

Our clients:

“Our next door neighbour hid away a little aluminium greenhouse behind his shed. Ours is so beautiful it became the centerpiece of our garden. We enjoy it every moment!”

“I never thought my wife would have a green thumb. Just fifteen minutes per day working in the greenhouse is enough to forget the workday stress."

The joy of gardening

Gardening is gaining popularity. A thoroughly healthy and relaxing pastime that generates the best vegetables and fruit you'll ever have. On top of that children will love accompanying you on your green thumb chores. 

A centerpiece for your garden

Aluminium greenhouses come dime a dozen these days. Usually in standard sizes, they don't offer the same aesthetic value a tailor made greenhouse by Dries Heijlen does. By combining aesthetics with function, a steel greenhouse by Dries Heijlen makes a great centerpiece for your garden. Say goodbye to hiding greenhouses in the back of your garden, our greenhouses will take center stage.

Guidance from A to Z

A pleasure both to look at and to be in. Our greenhouses are tailor-made according to your wishes in both looks and function. Ranging from the crops you wish to grow in your greenhouse and how much airflow is required, to irrigation and crop support solutions. We leave no detail untouched.

The advantages of steel

Picture: Before and after. Greenhouses can be attached to a building and come in various sizes and colours.

Our iron greenhouses can be both attached to a building or detached. The design consists of nothing more than a steel frame and premium glassware, offering superb durability compared to wooden or aluminium greenhouses. Steel requires less maintenance and is antifungal. On top of that, steel profiles are a lot finer than aluminium and wooden profiles, resulting in a more elegant design. 

Rustproof, antifungal and colourfast

The steel is sandblasted and painted in our paint shop. By using water-based paint instead of powder coating, the colours of the design won't start shifting after a few years. This is just a small portion of the entire production process which we control from A to Z. Every process is an open book; our clients can follow-up with their project at any given time.

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