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Iron or steel terrace coverings

Dries Heijlen is the right place for an iron terrace covering.

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What our clients think:

"It's just as if the terrace covering has always been there, it perfectly matches with the house."
"I can no longer imagine the house without the terrace covering cause it just won't look the same anymore."
"Sheltered from the wind and the rain, but we're always outside."

In flow with the seasons

The ideal transition between your home and garden. See, feel and smell the outside air. Stay covered during an outside dinner when it suddenly starts raining. No need to create an extra room inside your house.

A terrace covering is often referred to as a canopy or a pergola. Whatever you may name it, it has one goal: covering the people beneath it. A terrace covering is the ideal way to stay one step ahead of the rainy days.

What is a steel terrace covering?

Technical jargon refers to this type of steel as ‘S235JR’, but it is best known as wrought iron or malleable iron. This steel is delivered to us in standard sizes. In our workshop, we then saw and weld these sheets of steel and apply all sorts of ornaments and curls, all done by hand. Unizo, the Belgian Association for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs even gave us a recognition for our work, the highly-acclaimed Handmade in Belgium label.

What's the difference with a terrace covering in wood or aluminium?

First of all, it's in the looks and elegance. Aluminium profiles are wider; about 85mm whereas steel profiles only amount to 35mm. Wooden beams are wider as well and require a large amount of maintenance as well. These wide profiles and beams give terrace coverings in aluminium or wood a very heavy look. Terrace coverings in steel are more refined and elegant, instead of being dominant.

Durable paint

The steel is sandblasted and painted in our paint shop. By using water-based paint instead of powder coating, the colours of the design won't start shifting after a few years. This is just a small portion of the entire production process which we control from A to Z. Every process is an open book; our clients can follow-up with their project at any given time.

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